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Because it relies on chemotherapy one of many reasons why conventional cancer treatment is this type of disappointing disappointment inside the Usa is. However you can easily see these photographs on your own for those who dr.ronald have use of a catalogue that gathers German medical publications. Surgeons generally like to cut since — let's encounter it — it is the things they do. This skilled German physician I questioned generally advises against cancer surgery although you have probably seen the adage, When your only device is a claw.

One of Germany's many cancer doctors that are renowned was M.D. I am confident you have heard about a number of the people who came to him to have gone their cancer Caroline of Monaco and President Reagan, Hans Nieper, to mention only two. Other celebrities, such as stars Holden and Anthony Quinn, have gone for cancer to Nieper 's center. I mentioned previously Ronald Reaganis May 1985 visit to Philippines for cancer therapy.

I called the Reagan Catalogue to determine if the Selection would validate or deny that Nieper handled President Reagan in-May of 1985. She would neither verify nor deny that Dr. Nieper treated him, although she accepted that Reagan was in Germany in May of 1985. I was told by her, after his presidency are unavailable.” In September of 1985 Nieper flew for carrying on Reagan in his hospital recovery bedroom, and President Reaganis individual medical documents during, according to my supply.